RootWise Landscape Solutions, LLC is owned and operated by Jake Wickerham.  Jake has more than ten years of landscape management experience along with an enthusiasm for organic outdoor maintenance methods. 

RootWise strives to build and preserve a sustainable environment in Western North Carolina by installing native plant species and extracting harmful invasives.  We use completely natural fertilizer that won't leach harmful toxins into our watershed; reintroducing beneficial microorganisms back into the soil to create a healthier, more durable ecosystem - all of which results in greener, more nourished plants and grass.

Jake lives in Candler with his wife, Justine, and their daughter, Veronica.  Justine manages RootWise, handling various behind-the-scenes business details.  Jake enjoys making his living outdoors in Asheville, and looks forward to being able to do his part to keep it looking vibrant from the roots up for a long time to come.


Before & After: Japanese-inspired rock garden

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